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The Verbal segment of GRE involving the Reading Comprehension, Text Completion, and Sentence Equivalence segments obliges you to have a solid vocabulary.We are proud to announce the best kept secret technique in the field of education that will counter all the problems related to English vocabulary through unique Vocabsolution video lectures.Now easily accessible and affordable to all the students and individual who have the passion to improve and excel in their respective competitive exams, preparation for interview and corporate communication. Vocabsolution video lectures is your personal learning tool kit for English vocabulary which helps to tackle and overcome the hurdles faced while memorising and remembering English vocabulary words.Vocabsolution makes remembering hard words both fun and interactive for anyone who wants to increase the treasure of vocabulary and especially useful for those preparing for GRE verbal tests.Vocabsution makes it easier to memorize high frequency words and a great resource for teachers and learners of English vocabulary.

Learn Vocabulary Today, Remember for Lifetime!

Vocab Solution video lectures helps an individual to overcome all the problems related English Vocabulary learning at their own pace, Anytime Anywhere. Vocab Solution video lectures has brought in the best kept secrets in memorising from the world of education. The video lectures is built on the platform of this Unique Audio Visual Mnemonic Technique. It is your personal learning toolkit for English vocabulary. Our dedicated team of teachers from both National and International borders are highly knowledgeable with years of experience and expertise in teaching English to the people from myriad countries, cultures & background. The team has come together to focus their knowledge and years of expertise in formation of this revolutionary method of learning. Unique Vocab Solution video lectures.

The video lectures Experience

» See for yourself just how easy and efficient it to memorise English vocabulary through the Unique Vocabsolution video lectures.

» Each time you memorise a word, you remember it for lifetime.

» The Best kept secret opens up to you in the comforts of your home as you can access all these specially designed sessions online.

» At the end of each session in video lectures, feel the confidence level building up inside you.

» Feel the confidence in solving question papers

» Feel the confidence in communicating your views to the people around you.

» Gain confidence through specially designed Mock test sessions

» Become familiar with GRE competitive Exams through specially designed sample test papers

» Feel the power of Knowledge

Learn English Vocabulary in 5 steps

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» Free video lectures trial demonstration

» Student joins the unique method learning program through video lectures.

» Memorise in the comforts of your home, office or Internet café.

» Remember the word & its meaning for lifetime!


Frequently Asked Questions

To what extent does it take to build up a decent GRE vocabulary?

It relies on upon your present level of readiness over GRE words If you have good command over English, 2–3 months of preparation can enhance your GRE Vocabulary and enable you to score high in the Verbal segment. In the event that you have a normal handle of English, begin 6–8 months before your objective GRE date to score high in GRE Vocabulary. You can expand on that by reading an article or two consistently from a presumed daily paper. This regimen will enable you to crack GRE Vocabulary. On the off chance that you have a year for preparation, you are at an awesome favorable position. Notwithstanding learning words in the way depicted above, build up the habit for reading articles frequently on different subjects (governmental issues, history, expressions, writing, financial aspects, human science and so on).

How would I begin?

Begin with the Vocabsolution online GRE Vocabulary sessions . When you finish around 10–15 sessions, use the topic based word list to take in more words from subjects that you find interesting. Keep on working on your online sessions frequently.

How would I remeber the words that I have learnt?

If you are not consistently reconsidering the new words you've learned, you will in the long run forget them. There is not a viable alternative for normal update. Making modified sheets is a decent alternative. You can download word lists on your cell phone and recall them whenever you get time.

What number of words would it be a good to figure out how to get a decent score?

It is the quantity of words, as well as how well you know them. We would propose you expect to find out atleast 2000 words top to bottom. In the event that you have time, continue adding new words to your vocabulary. Each new word will offer assistance.

Students can study and learn the vocabulary words in the comforts of their home, college or while travelling, any time they want.

This method of learning thus provides freedom to student to learn and memorise at anyplace at any given time.


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