GRE Mock Test

What are these GRE Mock Tests?

The significance of getting a good result in GRE mock tests is evident for timed online adaptive tests such as GRE. Vocabsolutions provides completely adaptive GRE based mock tests to all the students.

You need to create several skills through online GRE mock tests.

1) Developing understanding with the GRE Test Software

You should be acquainted with features such as the on-screen calculator, the 'mark for review' option, and the common UI of the application that will present different kinds of questions such as Multiple Choice Questions, Multi-Selection Questions, Analytical Writing (AWA), Numeric entry, Select passage type of questions.

2) Improving your speed of answering questions without limiting on accuracy by practising enough mock test for GRE

Next most important expertise that you need to create through GRE mock tests is improving your speed of answering questions without limiting on your accuracy. For this, mock tests that provide data on the regular time taken by other learners will be useful. Also, the regular accuracy obtained by test-takers on that question. This will help you standard yourself with regards to speed of answering questions.

Towards this purpose, it is better to originally exercise individually on Verbal and Quant GRE style tests.

Why take Vocabsolutions Online GRE Mocks?


These exams are adaptive like the actual GRE with questions across difficulty levels and modifying according to your rate and agility when you complete an area.

Fully Solved

The solution is provided as soon as you take the test. Find out how you got the score and good result and where you made the errors and what is the way to get the correct solution.

Immediate Answer

As soon as you take the test you are offered with an in the detailed performance report. Check how much time need for each question to improve your speed and accuracy.

What type of Vocabsolutions Online GRE Mocks?

The test is adaptive, which means that the difficulty level of the second part relies on your speed and agility in the first part. So, if your speed and agility are just acceptable in the first area, it is likely that you will not get to face challenging questions, as also questions from challenging subjects.

So it is better to practice on non-adaptive tests first so that you get confronted with question types of various problems level and types, regardless of your speed and agility in the first part. You may then test your speed and agility in the tests, figure out your weak sections, build on them and only then take further mock GRE style tests.

Realistic practice is an essential device as you get prepared for the GRE. Gain a better knowing of different question types and segments on quality with our range of free preparation resources, and see how you would score if you took the GRE today.

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