GRE Scores

What’s an excellent GRE score? When considering your GRE objective (in 2017’s competitive admissions cycle), it’s always a good idea to look at the specifications or lowest specifications (if any) at the colleges to which you’re implementing. To begin with, though, here is what you need to know about your GRE score:

The GRE is scored on a 130-170 range in each part. You’ll get both a GRE Verbal score and on GRE Quantitative score. Because there are so few possible scores – only 41 – that you can get on the GRE answering to just one more query properly could be enough to turn a normal score into a great score.

Determining what a good score is for you will take some time and research. But if you can identify your concentrate on score early in your GRE preparation, you’ll be more likely to hit that concentrate on since you can concentrate your study plan accordingly.

What you need to know about GRE scores

GRE scoring happens on a 130–170 range in each part. This relatively restricted range of possible scores indicates that small developments in efficiency can improve your overall score quite a bit. It also indicates that those little improves to your GRE score can create big variations in your percentile score. Sometimes even a one-point improve in score can increase your percentile score by as much as five amount points (check out the test maker's graph of percentile rankings).

Remember: your score does not stand-alone. Whether or not you are confessed to a graduate student program (or get grant money) relies upon on several aspects. In addition to concentrating on getting an excellent GRE score, you should also work on getting the best GPA possible, composing an exceptional personal statement, getting excellent recommendations, and rounding out your resume.

GRE SCORE Validity

For people testing on or after July 1, 2016, GRE® test scores are legitimate for a five years after your test organization date. For instance, scores against the given test on July 3, 2016, are reportable through July 2, 2021.

Determine Your Target Score

To help figure out your concentrate on the score when no lowest score is given, make sure if the college provides information generally GRE scores of effective candidates, as well as more information that shows an account of the qualifications/backgrounds of effective candidates. That information will help you to find out your concentrate on “Good GRE Score,” and also help you to find out what you need to do for making your overall program as strong and well-rounded as possible--something that will remain the group. Of course, the higher your GRE score is, the better it can certainly create the rest of you look, so set objectives and pay attention to information when starting your GRE preparation and in readiness your other program elements. Don’t think twice to ask advice or tips from friends or associates who have already gone through the graduate school application themselves, or from current or former instructors and/or consultants.

About Score Select option

The ScoreSelect choice is accessible for both the GRE Subject Tests and GRE General Test and can be utilized by anybody with reportable scores from the most recent five years.It means that you have the option to send the selected scores from previous five years to colleges or Universities of your choice and hence you will be provided to be preapaired for the interview.The ScoreSelect choice encourages you approach test day with more certainty, knowing you can send the scores you feel demonstrate your own best.

Regardless of which choice you pick:

  1. You will choose by particular test dates, so your scores are all from a similar testing session.
  2. The schools you assign will just observe the scores that you chosen to send them.


You will get an email notice from ETS that your official scores are accessible in your ETS Account and that official score reports have been sent to your assigned score beneficiaries. Visit your ETS Account to see your scores. On the off chance that you wish to have a paper duplicate of your official Test-taker Score Report, you may utilize the print option in your record to print a duplicate of your official score report.

Computer-delivered Test Score

You will see your informal Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning scores at the test venue but on account of the article scoring process, you won't see your Analytical Writing score there. Around 10–15 days after your test date, your official scores will be accessible in your ETS Account, and your scores will be sent to the score beneficiaries you assign.

Paper-delivered Test

Official scores will be accessible in your ETS Account around five weeks after your test date, and your scores will be sent to the score beneficiaries you assign.

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