GRE Exam Dates

Compared with the other exam dates for entrance in India, there are no specific GRE Exam dates in India. You can take it any season by taking a consultation with the nearest GRE examination centre. But among this flexibility, there’s another matter.

During the peak application time (generally around Aug to December), it may be complicated for you to get a consultation in your chosen examination centre. You’d be forced to book a day and time at another centre that may not be close to where you live.

This makes it essential to plan your GRE preparation schedule and test dates well in advance.

This test is designed to examine your expertise in quantitative prowess, critical analysis and analytical writing. Since, the ranking you get in this examination is the important part of your admission profile, choosing examination dates is best. Certain factors that you must take into account while choosing suitable dates are discussed in the following section.

Points to Keep in mind While Choosing Exam Dates

The dates that you choose will be critical in the entire admission process. Admission in a college in the USA can be a long drawn procedure (especially for students living outside the country) and hence the proper selection of test dates becomes extremely essential. Thus, when you decide on a date recall the following factors.

The Quantitative part of the exam is of 30 minutes time and there are twenty-eight questions. The time to answer each question is accurately 1.6 minute.

The dates that you choose should not conflict with the admission date of the universities you want to apply. Since you will have to mention the names of 4 universities where you want to send your Exam result during the registration procedure, make sure that you have found out the correct last date of admission for all the universities.

While choosing a test date makes sure that you have adequate buffer time. This is necessary because it takes nearly 10 to 15 days to obtain your test result. Thus, when you choose the test date to make sure that you have sufficient time on hand to get the result and send them to various universities. /p>

Some Facts about GRE Exam Dates

Throughout the year, you can appear for the examination only 5 times. Moreover, you can appear for the test only after 60 days of your past test date and this rule is appropriate even if you have terminated your past result. So decide on a test date keeping this in mind and it is always better to ace the test in the first chance.

Most applicants prefer a test date from Sept to Dec and so most test centres get reserved at the early of these 4 months. So if you need a date from Sept to Dec you must register for the test immediately. Moreover, delayed registration means not only paying a significantly delayed fine but also difficulty in getting your most recommended test date.

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